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Natural History Museum

Private Tour

Housed in a "Cathedral to Nature", the Natural History Museum contains some of the most important finds in the natural world!


Be greeted by Sophie the Stegosaurus, marvel at Hope a 25m long blue whale skeleton, visit the geology galleries to see minerals that glow in the dark and learn why mercury makes you "mad as a hatter", see the missing link between birds and dinosaurs, the famous Archaeopteryx fossil, confront our famous animatronic T-Rex and his dinosaur friends, learn about Darwin and his origin of the species, hear of extinct wonders such as the Dodo, giant flightless birds the Moa, the Mastodon and the Giant Sloth!


Be impressed by the wonders of the Natural World, with a knowledgeable and experienced guide to answer all your questions!

 This tour can be tailored to adults or kids.

Duration: 2 hours

Timings: 10am and 2pm everyday.   

Meeting Point: By the red telephone box opposite the Exhibition Road entrance to the museum.

Included: Private tour for your group

Professional Tour Guide

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Our tours are wheelchair accessible! 

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